Afdal Feroz

Shaykh Afdal Feroz was born in America where he spent most of his childhood in Atlanta Georgia. He undertook the traditional style of learning Islam and embarked on his Quranic memorization and Alim course at an early age and has been an Imam for the past 32 years. A highly sought-after speaker where he is regularly invited to deliver lectures, conduct courses, classes, and deliver khutbahs in masajids and institutions around the world.

With the knowledge and leadership qualities that he has been blessed with, he has utilized these strengths to resolve many domestic and community issues. He is known to be particularly inspiring to the youth due to his method of being able to connect with them. He and his wonderful team have organized multiple international Quran Competitions to encourage the participants and those attending to develop a love for the Quran.

The founder of Abdullah Academy, World Iftar Day, and a founder and trustee of Zakat Relief which is an organization that is aimed towards collecting and distributing Zakat in the strictest of traditional teachings and to help the Ummah in understanding that Zakat serves as a relief to the giver and the receiver.

He is also a founding trustee and executive board member of the British Board of Scholars and Imams (BBSI), a National Assembly of Imams, Scholars & Islamically literate Muslim Academics, formed to facilitate intra Muslim dialogue on Theology, Jurisprudence and Community Welfare. This board is an independent, non-political, non-sectarian and non-partisan network dedicated to a cooperation based on the principle of unity of purpose, as opposed to the uniformity of opinion.

Alongside of his religious and social commitments/appointments, he is also the founder and Chairman of a successful company that focuses on providing cutting-edge cancer treatment and healthcare services in various parts of the world. He sits on boards of multinational companies, NGO’s and charitable organizations.

Being a successful businessman and a renowned Islamic figure, makes him a positive and inspiring role model for young Muslims around the world. His passion for Islam drives him to excel in all areas and is evident to all those who meet him, as he strongly believes in living and breathing Islam through the prophetic Sunnah in his day-to-day life. His goal is to mentor the next generation of Islamic scholars to excel in the scholarly and secular academia, which will help them develop a secondary skill set to become financially self-sufficient.