Why Choose Us?

In order for an Ummah to progress, then we must look at the current changes that are occurring in society today, from technological developments to economical changes. Being able to navigate through these changes accordingly and having adequate change management practices such as technology awareness and up to date user friendly guides, will enable the Ummah to become more responsive, less divided and more progressive.

One way of keeping up with the times we live in is not shying away from community online engagement. This means that useful websites and app innovations are needed to create wider conversations regarding impending global changes.

Ummah Apps aims to close this gap through this online medium, we aim to support Masjids to control their web presence and further keep up maintenance by creating live-stream and interactive web portals.

As we grow, we aim to venture into may various avenues which will essentially enable Muslims globally to have useful Islamic information at the tip of their fingers!