Ummah Screens

Ummah Screens, aims to give local Mosques the modern digital signage platform thatthey’ve always needed.Turn any TV screen to a modern and full featured digital signagesolution with prayer times automatically updated, important announcements, mediaplaybacks, events calendar that people can see at any time

Ummah screens will create a tailor-made digitalsignage solution for your Masjid. Masjids willbe able to use Ummah Screens to improve their communication with worshippers inside themosque. Publish Prayer times, Quran, Hadiths, Announcements, Events and much more tocome in seconds.

What Is Ummah Apps& What Is The Need?

Ummah Apps is the parent company under which a number of multiple other applicationsand websites will be made available to the Ummah, in order to create mediums ofcommunication, education and interaction for the overall developmentof the Ummah

The main focus of Ummah Apps is to help digitise the Muslim Ummah; this way we canrelate to the younger generation, taking into consideration the amount of timethe amount oftime our youthsare spending on their mobile devices

Ummah Apps aims to close this gap by creating outreach programs via easy-to-use Apps. Our user-friendly guides will enable us to disseminate messages easily, we aim to have a one key portal where users will be able to download multiple apps that apply to them. By doing so, this will avoid and negate multiple distractions that often occur when searching for Islamic related programs online, and parents will be able to monitor & tailor Islamic Study programs without ad distractions or indecent content 

The 21st century has seen an inescapable growth in the amount of social media usage by individuals, in particular the younger generation. Social Media allows youths & adults to create online identities communicate with others and build social networks. These networks can provide individuals with valuable support, especially helping those who experience exclusion or have disabilities or chronic illnesses. 

However, Social Media use can also negatively affect youths & adults, distracting them, disrupting their sleep, and exposing them to bullying, rumour spreading, unrealistic views of other people’s lives and peer pressure. Therefore, it is imperative for the Ummah to focus on creating safe spaces for individuals, especially the younger generation to thrive in without compromising their Islamic Identity.  

Ummah Apps aims to reduce this growing disparity between the risks of Social Media, technology usage and the youths Islamic Identity- by creating a safe online presence. We aim to achieve this by educating parents, community leaders and social reform activists about the benefits of technology and how we can use it to enhance the lives of those we love and value the most.  

Through this online medium, we also aim to support Masjids to control their web presence and further keep up maintenance by creating live-stream and interactive web portals.  

As we grow, we aim to venture into multiple different avenues. Essentially enabling Muslims globally to have useful Islamic information at the tip of their fingers! 


What Is Behind The Name Ummah Apps? 

Ummah is an Arabic word which translates to a community in the English dictionary. 

Historically, the concept of a community arose from the beautiful teachings of our forefather in faith, Ibrahim Alayhis Salam. He travelled far and wide to deliver the message of peace, to unite a dysfunctional community and to remind those who’ve forgotten their duty to Allah SWT. 

One of the greatest gifts our forefather left behind for us was the unwavering concern he had for the community. From supplicating for an entire nation to be guided to seeking ways to improve worship for those around him. 

He Ibrahim Alayhis Salam was a visionary leader, a pioneer in seeing beyond the obstacles ahead of him and one who was solution minded for the problems of the common societies. His Sunnah was inherited by our beloved Prophet Muhammad , who continued to spread the message of peace and unity throughout his lifetime. 

Our beloved Prophet  spent his entire lifetime ensuring those around him were taken care of in the best manner. The concept of an Ummah started with our beloved’s household, his local surroundings, his neighbouring cities and further transpired globally. Today, the spiritual concept of the Ummah is meant to transcend national, racial, and class divisions to unite all Muslims.  

The notion of the Ummah stresses the importance of the organization of society along ethical (and Islamic) lines. Membership in the Ummah is dependent on the threefold agreement of all its members: consensus of the mind (all perceive the world similarly), consensus of the heart (all share the same core values), and consensus of arms (all act accordingly to represent the values shared). 


Ummah & Technology 

Technology refers to ways in which people use discoveries to satisfy needs and desires and to alter the environment to improve their lives. In order for an Ummah to progress, then we must look at the current changes that are occurring in society today, from technological developments to economical changes.  

Being able to navigate through these changes accordingly and having adequate change management practices such as technology awareness and up to date user friendly guides, will enable the Ummah to become more responsive, less divided and more progressive. One way of keeping up with the times we live in is not shying away from community online engagement. This means that useful websites and app innovations are needed to create wider conversations regarding impending global changes.