Ummah Streams

The main goal and mission for Ummah Apps is to provide world-class digital solutions to Mosques and spiritual leaders both locally and globally. 


Ummah Streaming is under our umbrella company, Ummah Apps-a technology company that builds digital solutions for all Islamic related matters. Ummah Streaming focuses on building digital streaming solutions for your local Mosque. From the small prayer room to the large cultural centre, use our softwares to manage your Mosque and communicate with Muslims on-site and online.  


Ummah streaming has developed a wide range of digital solutions that helps Mosques manage, and ease users to stay connected with their local Masjids via live streaming portals.  


Our streaming platform enables both masjids and spiritual leaders to stream all their live Islamic Lectures with ease, and further enables users to easily locate archived lectures for easy playback, anytime, anywhere.